Enjoy a spa massage
without leaving your hotel. Avoid trips and forget about wasting any time on travel, where every detail is carefully taken into account: the massage table, towel, disposable thong, lotions and oils, your choice of music, lighting, temperature…

Natural Treatments
All of our treatments are natural, using high quality essential oils which are tailored to each client’s needs.

Other services
You will also have at your disposal manicures and pedicures, body peelings and an exclusive Wellness facial cleansing treatment, designed according to the needs of your skin, which consists of a deep purification combined with facial aromatherapy and lymph drainage. A true pleasure which will wrap your skin in a bath of softness, providing vitality, luminosity and freshness.

Let’s not forget about all the pilgrims on their way to Santiago. For all of them, and also for you, we offer personalized treatments to fight stress, anxiety and fatigue while restoring your body and mind and improving your well-being. These services are available during the last stage of the Camino (Arzúa, Arca, Padrón, Negreira…) and in Santiago as the perfect ending to your journey. We also clean and disinfect foot blisters which are both common and painful for pilgrims.

Take care of yourself!  You deserve it!