Aromatherapy is an added bonus to any massage, as it enhances and prolongs the effect by up to 4 hours! However, it is very important to consider the time of day when using aromatherapy.

When we do a relaxing massage in the morning, it’s ideal to use citrus essences such as lemon and bergamot, which relax us, rebalancing our emotions and bringing us joy.

However, if the massage takes place at night, my favourite scent to use is lavender, which is not only anti-inflammatory, in case of any discomfort, tiredness or pain, but it will also deeply relax us and encourage sleep.

Rosemary oil is also very effective for muscle pain, although people with high blood pressure should exercise caution, especially in the evening.

Essential oils not only take effect through the skin, promoting blood flow, but they also penetrate the body through inhalation, activating our emotions.

Smell is the sense that transports us directly to the subconscious. I always make a prior assessment of each client, taking into account the tastes, personal habits, family and other circumstances of the individual receiving the massage. The same fragrance may be pleasant to some people and overwhelming or unpleasant to others – it’s very subjective. That is why the choice of each 100% natural essential oil is key to achieve the benefits we want.

The power of aromatherapy is such that it is capable of changing our mood, awakening emotions or evoking memories we thought we had forgotten. This makes it essential to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere with relaxing music to immerse you in an incredibly comforting and unforgettable experience.