In recent decades, life expectancy has grown longer due to an improvement in quality of life (e.g., a healthy and balanced diet, drinking water, daily exercise).

Massage, considered in many Eastern cultures to be “preventive medicine”, can also contribute enormously to longevity, as it balances body and mind, always adapting to the needs of each person, avoiding or reducing (as far as possible) the need for medications that undoubtedly end up damaging vital organs such as the stomach, liver and pancreas.

Servicios para la tercera edad

Old age is not an illness, but a stage of our life in which, as we get older, our psychoneurological capacities (memory, etc.) and motor skills (reduction or loss of mobility as a result of wear and tear, fractures or falls) are reduced. That’s why it is so important to maintain physical and emotional balance, and why massage should form part of our everyday life.

Below, I go into detail on possible conditions, recommendations and the most suitable massages for each of them: