A traditional Chinese alternative therapy which is practiced by burning ground mugwort leaves in cigar-shaped sticks which exude warmth and help to expel cold and humidity.

Its anti-inflammatory effect reduces pain in particular points of the body.

Highly recommendable for healthy people.


  • Activates blood circulation and overall energy flow in the body
  • Improves tissue nutrition
  • Relaxes muscles and tendons


  • Arthrosis
  • Breech presentation


  • Menopause
  • Fever
  • Children (under the age of 7)
  • Open wounds
  • Burns
  • Scars, mucous membranes, tendons and blood vessels
  • The immunosuppressed (for example, people who have received a transplant)
  • The hypersensitive
  • Recent sprains


Due to the heat, some slight redness may appear on the skin as pores dilate. The level of redness depends on the sensitivity of the skin towards the heat and the distance at which the moxa (mugwort) sticks are applied. This redness eases after the completion of the therapy.