Masaje terapéutico

Therapeutic massage

This technique can be complemented with others, such as guaxa, cupping or moxibustion.
It can also be combined with hot stones (shi-tao), as they soothe chronic muscle pain.

Carrying the weight of your backpack for days or previous ailments that you’ve been carrying for a while (physical or emotional) can cause your back to ache.

In this case I recommend a therapeutic massage, which consists of massaging, through the skin, the tendons, muscles, ligaments, serous bursa and viscera with a therapeutic purpose: to relieve pain and prevent injuries.

I recommend it in the case of  oedemas, knots, sprains and all injuries that cause pain or limit mobility.


After the massage you will notice relief from muscle tension and pain, less fatigue and greater relaxation. In addition, it nourishes and improves skin quality.

You will regain your lost energy!