This is a traditional massage of Indian origin that is perfect for maintaining good health in healthy people and improving health in those who are ill.

Its purpose: to achieve balance among the energies that flow between the body, mind and spirit of the individual as determined by their DOSHA.

We all have these energies, but one always predominates in us according to our muscle and bone structure, body temperature, skin type, sensitivity, digestive, intestinal and nervous systems.

According to our predominant DOSHA, we may be: Vata (air), Pitta (fire) or Kapha (earth).

  • Vata people are dominated by space and air.
    Predominant characteristics are: dry, light, mobile, cold, rough and fast. Slender build, very active and nervous.
  • Pitta people are dominated by fire.
    Predominent characteristics are: hot, spicy, pungent and slightly oily. Muscular build.
  • Kapha people are dominated by earth and water.
    Predominent characteristics are: oily, dense, firm, slow, stable, heavy, cold and viscous. Thick build, very slow and calm.

This massage is entirely personalized so that it can provide you with everything you need. Depending on your Dosha , I will apply an amount and type of oil, a temperature (cold or heat) and different speed and intensity techniques, in order to restore your balance.

  • In Vata, this massage improves skin complexion and muscle tone and reduces pain.
  • In Pitta, it achieves all of this and also reduces burning sensations.
  • In Kapha, it stimulates, tones and gives the skin elasticity. Obesity, cellulite, high cholesterol levels and diabetes are Kapha imbalances.

The oils of Ayurvedic tradition are totally natural, which is why they nourish the skin, muscles and bones and relax the nervous system. They improve the ability to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia and to eliminate stiffness, as they harmonize body and mind.

It is not only a relaxing massage but also therapeutic, as it helps us to eliminate “Ama” (the name given to toxins in the Ayurvedic tradition). By better expelling our waste and activating our blood circulation, we contribute to improving our overall health.


  • Beneficial for the eyes. The massage around the eyes and on the face brings beauty and gives a shine to your gaze. Increases vision activity. Helps prevent blindness and eye diseases. Massage of the head (skull) and soles of the feet is very useful in treating conditions such as myopia.
  • Nourishes the body and strengthens the muscles. Increases stamina and vitality. Helps eliminate waste products such as sweat, urine and faeces by stimulating the proper functioning of the respiratory and excretory systems.
  • Increases longevity. Practicing regular massage therapy can improve the functions of vital organs and tissues and increase their lifespan.
  • Improves sleep. Our physical and mental sense of well-being, nutrition, strength, sexual vigour and cognitive capacity depend on regular sleep, which increases our immune response and bodily resistance.
  • Improves the skin’s complexion, leaving it soft and silky, bright and beautiful. Delays the appearance of wrinkles and increases immunity against skin diseases. Gives firmness to the skin, efficiently eliminating waste products and nourishing the skin in depth, achieving robustness and strength. Accelerates the healing of wounds and fractures, as it prevents weakness or deformation after fractures and accidents (e.g. scars).
  • Increases resistance against physical and mental pressure, stress, tension, distress, grief and anxiety. Improves tolerance and patience.
  • Combats and even eliminates fatigue from routine work, mental stress and tension.

The secret of youth and beauty is good circulation of vital fluids and the proper elimination of waste materials on a regular basis. That’s why this massage plays an important role in your well-being, helping you to feel young, vital, attractive and healthy, especially if you receive massage regularly and complement it with a healthy and balanced diet, such as the Ayurvedic diet.
It is also very useful for those who practice Yoga.