Balinese massage has its origin in the exotic island of Bali, in Indonesia. Because of its location, this type of massage is influenced by traditional Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic medicine. It also draws from yoga and reflexology.

It combines relaxation techniques with stretching and acupressure, and different variations exist.

My method is carried out on a massage table, with medium-level pressure using the hands and especially the forearms. This massage alternates relaxing movements, stretching and pressure. It can be considered a combination between the Relaxing Massage and the Sports Massage.

The result is a great healing therapeutic effect for treating migraines, muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and depression, allergies and respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

The massage is performed with warm natural oils such as coconut, jasmine, sage, lime, bergamot and sandalwood, which will immerse you in a state of holistic harmony.